Biomedical Optic Imaging Applications on Smart Phone

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In this work, smart phone application for biomedical optic imaging methodology has been written and downloaded into Samsung Galaxy A8 smart cellular phone. Smart phone application is controlling cellular phone’s white Flash light emitting diode (LED) and acquiring the camera pictures simultaneously. In this work Android Studio program development platform has been used. Flash LED light illuminated to the left soft arm tissue. Flash LED has wide wavelength band spectrum which has from 380 to 800 nm. The smart phone white flash LED light has two different Gaussian curve between 380 and 800 nm wavelength. One summit is around 440 nm, the other one is in the 560 nm wavelength. These wavelengths are visible and close to near infrared (NIR). Acquired image data were sent to PC via smart phone USB cable by smart phone Android based application. Image data were analyzed, GPU based Monte Carlo (MC) simulations were run which their executable .exe file was prepared, compiled and built in Microsoft Visual Studio C (MSVSC) code on NVIDIA graphic processor unit. Finally image was reconstructed according to correct tissue type with MatLABTM program.


Biomedical Optic Imaging (BOI), Smart Phone Application, Android Studio, NVIDIA GPU (Graphic Processing Unit), Monte Carlo (MC) simulations, Microsoft Visual Studio C (MSVSC), MatLAB.

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