New Algorithm for the Lid-driven Cavity Flow Problem with Boussinesq-Stokes Suspension

İnci Çilingir Süngü, hüseyin DEMİR


In the present investigation, a streamfunction-vorticity form for Boussinesq-Stokes liquids (with suspended particles) is suitably used to examine the problem of 2-D unsteady incompressible flow in a square cavity with moving top and bottom wall. A new algorithm is used for this form in order to compute the numerical solutions for high Reynolds numbers up to Re=2500. This algorithm is conducted as a combination of the multi-time-stepping temporal differential transform and the spatial finite difference methods. Convergence of the time-series solution is ensured by multi-time-stepping method. The classical benchmark results of the Newtonian liquid are recovered as a limiting case and the decelerating influence of the suspended particle on the Newtonian liquids’ flow field is clearly elaborated.


Differential Transform-Finite Difference Hybrid Methods; Multi-time-stepping; Cavity Driven Flow; Numerical solution;Boussinesq-Stokes Liquid; Suspended Particles

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