Design of Non-Inverting Buck-Boost Converter for Electronic Ballast Compatible with LED Drivers

rıdvan keskin, Ibahim Aliskan


This paper presents design and control of dual-switch non-inverting buck-boost converter (CBB). This converter is designed to simplify the compatibility of electronic ballast with simple and low cost LED drivers. The converter provides starting voltage and current limitation of electronic ballasts, which operates at continuous conduction mode (C.C.M.). The voltage of load terminal is controlled by adjusting the duty cycle of the PWM regulator. Although both converter switches are controlled separately, one feedback control loop is needed to obtain the desired compensator level. Appropriate control requirements have been defined by analyzing open-loop characteristic of converter transfer function through the small-signal model of CBB, which lets decide about the control strategy and analyse the stability and performance of the closed loop control system. In order to obtain the desired output voltage, Type-III rational controller is preferred because of the non-minimum phase feature in the converter boost mode. The performance of the synthesized voltage controller is verified by comparing of the pre-determined performance requirements and the obtained simulation results.


Type-III rational controller, Small-signal circuit, Electronic ballast, LED driver

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