Solitary Wave and other Solutions of Nonlinear Space-Time Fractional Differential Equation Systems

Murat Koparan, Özkan Güner


In this study, we have successfully found some travelling wave solutions of the variant Boussinesq system and fractional system of two-dimensional Burgers' equations of fractional order by using the -expansion method. These exact solutions contain hyperbolic, trigonometric and rational function solutions. The fractional complex transform is generally used to convert a partial fractional differential equation (FDEs) with modified Riemann-Liouville derivative into ordinary differential equation. We showed that the considered transform and method are very reliable, efficient and powerful in solving wide classes of other nonlinear fractional order equations and systems.


The (G'/G)-expansion method; exact solution; fractional order system of variant Boussinesq equations; fractional system of two-dimensional Burgers' equations

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