A Karyological Study on Johrenia dichotoma DC. (Apiaceae) by Image Analysing System

Esra Martın, Yavuz Bagcı, Muhittin Dinc, Fahim Altinordu, Ahmet Duran


In this study Karyotype Analysis was defined in Johrenia dichotoma DC. This taxa contained diploid chromosome number of as 2n=22. The total haploid chromosome lengths 29.84 μm with average chromosome lengths from 2.25 to 3.47 μm. The karyotype formulae of this taxa consisted of eleven pairs of median chromosome. Also, the chromosome morphology of J. dichotoma was identified by calculating arm and centromeric index, the ratio length of its chromosome arms, and its ideogram was done. Chromosome morphology is new for science world. The research has made contribution to the cytotaxonomic revision of the genus Johrenia in Turkey.


Karyotype, Johrenia dichotoma, Turkey

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7212%2Fzkufbd.v4i1.122

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