Series expansions and polynomial approximations of Monomolecular growth model for some populations of Salmo platycephalus, 1968 from Zamanti Stream, Seyhan River, Turkey

Mehmet Korkmaz, Erdal UNLUYOL


In this study, firstly the series expansions of monomolecular growth model from first degree polynomial to (n-1)th degree polynomial, were given with respect to (t-r)  where t is time, n is the number of data,  r is integer number: , t0 and tn-1 are initial and final values of time, respectively. Secondly, monomolecular growth model's series expansions having m-th degree polynomials, studied on the data taken for Salmo platycephalus, 1968 from Zamanti Stream of Seyhan River, Turkey, were given with R2 with respect to (t-l), respectively where t is time; n is the number of data points; m, l are integer numbers ,  Finally, for each data set, polynomial approximations having m-th degree were given with R2. For each purpose, the tables and the graphs were used for analyzing the differences.


Series expansions, polynomial approximation, monomolecular growth model, growth models, Salmo platycephalus, 1968

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