Spatial Generation of Gauss Beam Array for Photonic Applications

Çağlar Arpali


In this paper, an alternative experimental method is proposed in relevant to generation of Gauss beam array. For this purpose, light beams are modelled based on the diffraction of plane wave by an array of Gaussian apertures and implemented accordingly. Spatial generation Gauss beam array has been performed experimentally by the use of Spatial Light Modulator (SLM). Produced light beams are recorded by a large field of view Charge Couple Device (CCD) detector and profile evaluations of monitored beams are done. Moreover, theoretical calculations have been verified with the empirical observations. With this proposed new beam shaping method, it is possible to generate and control the Gauss beam array in real time for many high throughput photonic applications such as optical communications and biophotonics.


Optoelectronics; Gauss Beam Array; Beam Shaping; Photonics

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