PQ controller for single phase bridgeless boost pfc rectifiers

Yasemin ÖNAL


Nonlinear loads generate disturbances in the power grid, which impact the grid voltage quality. These also generate reactive power, which causes losses in the transmission and distribution systems. It needs to control the power quality of the grid as well as the power, due to the nonlinear loads. This research presents a new controller for Bridgeless Boost Power Factor Corrective PFC (BBPFC) rectifiers to improve the Total Harmonic Distortion THD of the utility grid along with the power factor on the grid. The input rectifier bridge in conventional boost PFC(CBPFC) rectifiers are discarded in bridgeless rectifiers to reduce complexity and increase the overall efficiency. The P and Q powers are controled through inner current loop in the improved algorithm. The reference current is calculated in the inner control loop through innovative filtering and signal processing. The inner current loop generates PWM switching signals by using PI controller. Analytical resolution of the suggested the technic of controller is presented in details. The performance of the controller which is adviced is confirmed for 300W rectifier by using PSIM circuit simulations.


Bridgeless boost rectifier; power factor correction PFC; power quality; total harmonics distortion; pq theory

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7212%2Fzkufbd.v9i2.1324

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