An Analysis of causes and effects of delays in construction projects in Libyan oil industry

Ali Osman Kusakcı, Berk Ayvaz, Emir Bejtagic


Performance of a project is usually measured in three dimensions: time, budget, and quality. Since these parameters are interdependent, delay often means also budget overrun and quality problem. Hence, identification of delay factors before execution of project is of paramount importance. The purpose of this research is to assess causes and effects of delays in construction projects conducted in Libyan oil industry where security issues, deregulated market, vulnerable legal framework are challenges waiting in front of construction sector in the country. To identify the most essential factors, a survey is conducted among clients, consultants and contractors involved in projects in Libya. Findings reveal that the top three delay factors are: security factorshortage in material, andconstruction method. On the other hand, cost overrun, time overrun, disputes, total abandonment, and arbitration are the main effects of delays.


Project Management; delay causes; effects of delay; construction projects in Libyan oil industry

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