Optimization of physical factors affecting the production of the α-amylase from a newly isolated Bacillus sp. M10 strain

Elif Demirkan, Tuba Sevgi, Merve Başkurt


In this study, sixty bacteria isolated from soil samples that come from 15 different cities of Turkey. The four isolates which had a higher ratio of clearing zone were determined to be α-amylase positive, and were investegated for morphological and physiological. All of these were defined as Bacillus. Enzyme production capacity of these 4 strain have been tested. The bacteria which has the highest α-amylase activity was selected as a Bacillus strain and these strain was named as Bacillus sp. M-10. It's investigated that physical factors which are affecting the α-amylase production of Bacillus sp. M-10. For this purpose, temperature, pH, aeration, inoculum size and inoculum age have been tested as physical parameters. In starchy medium, 37°C temperature, pH 7.0, 150 rpm for aeration, 2.5 ml inoculation size and 2 days for inoculation age were the optimum rate for maximum α-amylase production of Bacillus sp. M-10 strain.  In order to enhance the production of α-amylase, medium was modified by our, and the enzyme activity was found 30 U/mL at the hour of 48. In modified environment, enzyme activity was increased about 42% rate. 


Isolation, Bacillus sp., α-amylase, Physical factors

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7212%2Fzkufbd.v1i1.458

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