Studying DNA interactions of Ni(II) complexes of thiosemicarbazone containing vic-dioxime ligands

Burak Coban, Cengiz Sağlam, Nursel Eser, İlknur Babahan


Vic-dioxime ligands and their metal complexes are very important for their biological activities and thoroughly studied.  In addition, several thiosemicarbazone derivatives were synthesized and their potentials as anti-tumor agents were reported. As well as this, Nickel (II) complexes, among the other metal complexes, have an important proportion in DNA interaction studies. The compounds which have all these features (vic-dioxime, thiosemicarbazone group and Ni(II)) are not evaluated for their interactions with DNA.

DNA interactions of Ni(II) complex of thiosemicarbazone containing vic-dioxime ligand will be studied by using UV titration, floresans, and agaroz gel electrophoresis methods for the first time.


Nickel(II) complex, Thiosemicarbazone, vic-dioxime, DNA, Intercalation

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