Investigation of insulation properties of panels produced from natural and artificial fibers

Hüseyin Temiz, Kubra Olgar


Utilizing fibrous waste in the study, it aimed to produce thermal insulation material. For air-conditioning in buildings consume significant amounts of energy. A large part of the energy produced from fossil fuels. The terrain for the farmers harvest the crop, corn, and sunflower stalks is a big problem. For cleaning the waste burning is generally preferred; this is being land and great damage to nature. Textile plants that occur in waste storage issue is why. From sunflower, crop and corn stalks with palm leaves and from textile waste have been made panels. Heat and sound insulation properties of the panels were tested. The test results of the materials produced in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation properties showed that should be evaluated.


Panel, Thermal insulation, Composite, Organic fibrous substances, Styrofoam waste

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