The effects of incubation and operational conditions on biogas production



Anaerobic digestion is leading to environmental benefits such as producing energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Biochemical methane potential (BMP) assays provide a realistic estimate of methane production from the anaerobic digestibility of a given substrate. The information provided by BMP is valuable when planning the optimal conditions for anaerobic digestion and designing the anaerobic digesters. Therefore recognized and accredited BMP assays will help us for comparing the different literature results. This study focused on the effects of incubation and operational conditions in BMP process. The effects of headspace pressure, measurement increments, nutrient addition, pH adjustment, N2/CO2 purging and mixing were investigated by using 27 different configured reactors. The results indicated that biogas production had positively affected under low headspace pressure and lesser measurement increments, but the other modifications didn’t create significant variations.


Anaerobic digestion, biochemical methane potential, reactor configuration

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