Effects of Prandtl number and Magnetic field on Mixed Convection Heat Transfer in an Inclined Lid-driven Enclosure

Elif Buyuk Ogut


This paper analyzes heat transfer and fluid flow of laminar mixed convection in an inclined square lid-driven enclosure in the presence of magnetic field. Vertical sides of the enclosure moves upward direction when inclination angle is zero. Governing equations of flow and temperature in the form of stream function-vorticity formulation were solved numerically using the differential quadrature method. The study is based on Richardson number (from 0.01 to 100), Prandtl number (from 0.054 to 0.71), inclination angle of enclosure (from 0° to 180°), Hartmann number (from 0 to 100) and magnetic field directions (from 0° to 90°) respectively. It is shown by the results that, the flow and temperature field are affected significantly by the movement of side walls of the enclosure. For all values of Richardson and Prandtl numbers, Hartmann number is effective on heat transfer. Additionally, convective fluid flow decreases with increasing Hartmann number. The results showed that the movement of the side walls of the enclosure has a significant effect on the flow and temperature fields. Hartmann number is effective on heat transfer for all values of Richardson and Prandtl numbers and it decreases the convective fluid flow. Increasing the Prandtl number increase the average Nusselt number at the heated surface.


Lid-driven enclosure, Mixed convection, Magnetic field, Prandtl number, DQ method

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7212%2Fzkufbd.v1i1.651

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