Kars Platosu Bombus Faunasının Belirlenmesi

Mehmet Ali Kırpık, Ümit Durdu


In this study, Bombus samples that live in Various puddles, Marshy places and Various areas have been collected from Kars Center and Administrative district throught June 2006 and August2009.In result of assesments, 15 species have been proved. These species are Bombus (Th.) zonatus, Bombus (Th.) mesomelas, Bombus (Th.) armeniacus, Bombus (Th.) ruderarius, Bombus (Th.) sylvarum daghestanicus, Bombus (Th.) humilis, Bombus (Mg.) portschi nsky, Bombus (Mg.) hortorum, Bombus (Bo.) lucorum, Bombus (Cl.) cullumanus, Bombus (Sb.) niveatus, Bombus (Ml.) sichelii, Bombus (Ml.) incertus, Bombus (Ps.) sylvestris, Bombus (Ps.)barbutellus.Collected these samples, species diagnos keys have been done. Proved these specieses distinctive taxonomic features have beendefined.These are species that there have already been in Kars Plainnes in result of these examinations andresearches.


Kars, Bombus, Fauna, Turkey

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7212%2Fzkufbd.v1i1.663

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