Effect of Axial Load on Thin Shotcrete Panels

Pınar Teymur, Sumru Pala, Ercan Yuksel


The work presented in this study aimed to investigate the influence of axial loads applied on shotcrete panels. The experimental work is composed of strengthening of four bare reinforced concrete (RC) frames with shotcrete panels. In two of them, the panels are fully integrated to the frames and in the rest; the panels are connected only to the beams. At one of the specimens from each group, the beams are cambered before the construction of RC panels. After the cure of the concrete of the panel, the beams are released to create axial loads on the panels. The specimens are tested under lateral reversed cycling loads. From the results it has been observed that the axial load applied on the panel can cause increase on the lateral load carrying capacity and energy dissipation of the system at the fully integrated panel specimen. No significant effect of the axial load is observed at the partially integrated infilled frame. 


Wet-Mixed Shotcrete, Strengthening, Reinforced Concrete Frame, Axial Load, Thin Panel

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7212%2Fzkufbd.v8i1.697

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