Data collection from blood glucose meter and determination anomaly

Ali Buldu, Kazım Yıldız, Eyüp Emre Ülkü, Önder Demir, Ufuk Kurgan


Blood glucose disease is accepted as a pandemic disease because every day the patient count increases. There are many reasons for blood glucose disease and millions of people are affected. Some people living in big cities and near hospitals can have a continuous treatment, but most people are lack of regular doctor checking which is very important for the health. There some instruments to keep track of the daily blood glucose measurements but they are personal use only. In this project, a personal use only data collector used to collect data for multi patients. Data are stored in a database then doctor or the patient himself can reach and see the trend of the measurement in a meaningful graph. So, regular checking could be minimized in hospitals and also doctors can advise patients about treatment. With this study, blood glucose data is transferred from the measuring device to a recording medium. Although individual use of many devices, with this project a system designed for individual use is employed for more than one patient.


Diabetes; Data Collection; Computerized Instrumentation; Medical Information Systems

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