The Sucrose Determination From Gummy Candy with Imprinted Polymer

Fatma Çetin Telli, burcu okutucu


Sucrose is a valuable carbohydrate because of its broad usage in the chemical, microbiological, pharmaceutical, and food industries. The determination of sucrose content in all of these products is very desirable process. The t molecularly imprinted polymers are candidate materials for analyzing carbohydrates without any derivatization. In this study; we synthesized 2,6-bis(acrylamido) pyridine as a designed monomer and also crosslinker. Spectroscopic characterization studies (FTIR and NMR) were carried out the monomer and for the sucrose-monomer complex. The sucrose imprinted polymer was used to determine sucrose from gummy candy. The 60 % of sucrose was recognized from gummy candy by sucrose imprinted polymer.


2,6-bis(acrylamido) pyridine, sucrose, molecularly imprinted polymer, gummy candy

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